Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Marche Movenpick - The Curve

Marche (pronounce as Mar Shay) means market in French with latest concept Le Marche which the perception of restaurant and market place are combined uniquely in a cosy and lively ambience. All the food there are fresh and they will cook it when you order and pick your choice. People keep mentioning MARCHE to me this few week make me dieing to dine there. I told eugene I wanna go shopping at The Curve (actually just wanna go to MARCHE). Both of us went there on Monday. Eugene finally bought his MAY & CHOY 2006 calendar at BORDERS.

Table 13 OCCUPIED by me

The entrance of marche

Everyone that entered will be given a PASSPORT. The use of the passport is they will chop on the passport whenever you ordered your food. Lost of passport will be fine RM 200! There have a lot of station that we can visit. Dessert, juice bar, pizza, grill, pasta and many more...

Sautee mushroom ... my favourite!


Dessert ......... yummyyyyyy

Fresh Vege

Red and Green cow at the entrance.

If you stop by The Curve ...and saw this two cows, remember that is MARCHE! After The Curve went to Fujitsu Services Center to take eugene laptop and back to Cyberjaya.


Jason said...

MMU student too?

FoongYie said...

yeah .. mmu fit delta

boo_licious said...

I love those cows, they are so cute. Do they serve crepes?

FoongYie said...

Yeah they do serve crepe ...